Universal Indicator Relay

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When you're dealing with vintage cars and motorcycles, you often have to take care of a lot of small problems (and some big ones), but turn signals flashing at the wrong speed, or not at all, can be crossed off your list once and for all.

This is a solid state indicator relay that has a built in microcontroller. It always flashes your turn signals at a consistent 1.5Hz (1.5 cycles per second), works with both 6v and 12v systems, and it can control either LEDs or incandescent light bulbs. This is a truly universal product. As long as you have a DC indicator lighting circuit, this will work. It also has built in over current protection, which will shut off to protect itself and your wiring if it detects an unusually high current.

This relay is available in two variations. The first configuration is the blade fuse option. This version is shaped like a standard blade fuse and fits in a standard blade fuse socket. This is great for custom wiring jobs because you can wire your flash circuit directly into a fuse block without needing an external flash unit. Or, if your car or bike has a dedicated standard blade fuse for turn signals, all you need to do to convert to LED bulbs is replace that fuse with this. You don't even need to remove the stock flash unit.

The second configuration has the same footprint as a more traditional flash relay, so it can be used in the stock location on your car or motorcycle. It works in place of either 2 prong or 3 prong flash relays without modification.


  • 6V and 12V compatible
  • LED and incandescent bulb compatible
  • Can supply upto 6A, enough to drive two 1156 bulbs
  • Always flashes at 1.5Hz
  • Fits in a standard blade fuse socket (blade fuse configuration only)
  • Fits in a standard relay socket (relay configuration only
  • Built in over current protection


  • Will not work with AC lighting systems (old dirt bikes, most vintage scooters)